Into the Unknown

The finding of a Nothic...

...and a terrible award ceremony.

The 7th of Yarthmont
After resting, the party decides to see what is the creature Kagnal and his kobolds trapped in a portion of the ruins.
They discover some skeletons animated by long lost foul magics. Quicky dispatching them they push farther into the ruins to find a curious and deadly creature.
Known as a Nothic, this twisted abberation is drawn to places of magical power. This one is trapped in a large room.
Kaze is felled in the battle but saved from the brink of death. The Nothic destroyed, and Kagnal’s scepter is discovered.

The 8th of Yarthmont
The heroes are to be awarded the Bronze Star of Valour for service to Lord Sherlane. In a court ceremony the characters receive their awards. Also at the ceremony is William and his men, who had saved a farmstead from a rampaging monster.
After the awards, three of William’s men, already sick, begin coughing and vomiting blood and strange tadpole creatures burst from their bodies.
After some chase, the creatures are dispatched.


Huchel Huchel

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