Into the Unknown

The Introduction to Adventure

First Session

The 5th of Yarthmont
Goblins have become a problem in the hill lands to the East of Threshold. Lord Sherlane’s troops are engaged in a campaign of skirmishes with the various tribes, leaving no one to deal with problems closer to home.
“Nails” Tassady, Sherlane’s captain-at-arms, approaches Kaze, the sometimes scout for the Lord’s army, to put together a team to investigate raids to the North of town. Kobolds have been stealing goods and harassing farmers. It is thought the kobolds have settled in the ruins North of town and are using it as a place from which to launch their attacks. So far no one has been killed but it is only a matter of time.

The 6th of Yarthmont
The group makes their way to the ruins. Little is left of the place. Nestled at the base of a cliff, the outer walls are nearly all collapsed, as is the upper floors of the main keep. A landslide has buried the back half of the castle complex.

The party discovers a group of kobold sentries camped in one of the remaining guard towers of the wall and quickly dispatch them in a surprise attack.

At the main keep, only the front entrance is accessible, the rest buried years ago by the landslide. Searching the ruined upper floor, the party discovers two relatively intact chimneys. One has the smoke of a cooking fire coming out, but the other is unused. A faint “tink tink” noise of metal on stone is heard as they descend.

In the few intact rooms they find and dispatch many kobolds and their leader, Kagnal, a dragonborn warlock. Through Kagnal’s journal they discover he hired the koblods to help him excavate the ruins for the Eye of the Storm, a magic item he believes is in the ruins. They also find some of the doors to other parts of the ruins have been barricaded off. The journal refers to a creature that killed some of the kobolds and Kagnal trapped it in the other part of the ruins.

The party takes a rest to recuperate and recharge.


Huchel Huchel

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